My Wishlists

I always appreciate a shop that has the wishlist option on their website. I feel like they understand that wishlist shopping is like window shopping from the comfort of your own home. I load up, edit and visit my wishlists often and if I’m lusting after something long enough (or it goes on sale of course) I might just add it to my cart and check out. Anthropologie has been on top of this for years whereas mega brand J. Crew has just recently realized the power and potential of this feature. The almighty Amazon  has upped the anty with their universal wishlist which is just about the most brilliant thing ever. It allows you to add products from anywhere on the internet with one click to your Amazon wishlist. You simply drag the wishlist tab to your bookmarks.  It a great way to keep track of all the items you need in one place and handy for gift givers who are looking for ideas! It’s nice to have a range of price points like a registry of sort so your wishlist is accessible to a range of gifters.

Here are some things that are currently on my wishlist.


Boots surprise surprise.


Could this hoodie look any cozier?


I’m ready for some no.6 lace ups

Ive been obsessing over this Scosha Bracelet since I tried it on in NYC.


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