Fiona Finds is where I collect, create and share some of my discoveries, opinions, images and musings. It’s a reflection of my interests and inspirations and includes projects I have worked on or created as well as projects, products, places and people who inspire me.

I am a wife, mother of two beautiful girls and my very own person! Though my thoughts, goals and desires are ever evolving there are a few constants. I thrive on beautiful, unique art and design and combining the unexpected.  I enjoy and am slightly obsessive about trip planning and travel and never turn down delicious and creative food.

We all need personal, family and community nourishment in our daily lives so if I can offer some guidance in creating a beautiful home, choosing clothing that makes you look and feel good, organizing a travel itinerary that helps you get the most out of your trip or sending you to where you will enjoy amazingly good food then I’ve done my job and I love doing it! Check out my services page for more details.

I end each blog post with:

  • Something that I am thankful for.
  • Something I want
  • Something I’ve learned

Because it’s helpful to pause and reflect. I recommend it;)

Thanks for stopping by.

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