Basement Remodel. Phase 1: Brand New Bathroom and The Beauty of Brass.


Apartment Therapy inspiration pick.

If you skim over my kitchen or bathroom boards on Pinterest, it’s pretty obvious that I have a thing for brass. Fortunately, one of my current projects has me working with a client who feels the same way I do about this rich metal that perfectly marries vintage and modern design.

Phase one of the basement remodel is getting the newly framed bathroom functional ASAP. After sharing images via a private Pinterest board, (something I love to set up with clients) we get down to analysis. The idea is to examine and discuss the recurring themes, gather a pile of ideas and product selections and finally edit down the elements to create the perfect space.  Ideally, we have a room that captures the spirit of inspiration but is ultimately unique and personalized for the client’s lifestyle.


House and Home


Apartment Therapy


Brass, with a rich golden finish, has been growing in popularity over the past few years in kitchen and bath design. However, it’s not trendy enough that mass retailers like Loewe’s and Home Depot are carrying it in a purposefully trendsetting way.  It will be a long time before chrome or nickel will be dethroned as the finishes of choice. Brass is typically more expensive because it is less commonly used and truthfully it’s just not for everyone. Once my client decided she wanted to move forward with brass fixtures (hooray!!) it came down to these two options which are both brand new to the market. The Kohler Purist line in vibrant modern brushed gold and the Sutton collection in aged brass from the recently launched RH modern line from Restoration Hardware. Both are highly sophisticated and bold and will look absolutely stunning with the white subway tile, black concrete floors and wood accents we’ve selected for the bathroom.


Kohler Purist line in Vibrant Modern Gold


Sutton line from RH Modern in Aged Brass.

Sourcing for projects in home design or fashion is my absolute favorite part of my job. I love finding things, hence my blog title and business name. Clever isn’t it?  I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and discovering hidden treasures. It’s finding a place for all of them that can be tricky!  Once a project is completed there is major satisfaction (and relief) in seeing all of the combined elements existing together in harmony. Making reality Pin* worthy one room at a time. That’s my goal!

Stay tuned for final selections and the reveal.

Thankful for: Clients. I can’t do my job without them!

Wanting: To remodel my own bathroom.

I’ve learned: There are more shades of white paint than seems necessary.


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