Fall Edit: Part 1


Stella McCartney collection Fall /Winter 2015

My favorite part about fall approaching is the shifting weather. It signals change, new beginnings and an opportunity to wear boots!  As I study the September Issues, peruse fashion blogs and visit shops I’m getting an idea of the pieces that I want to wear this fall. I just purged my wardrobe, selling and donating many items that have been in my closet/life for way too long. It was extremely liberating so I don’t want to turn around and replace those things with more clutter.  I’m going to be more thoughtful about what I bring into my home, clothing and otherwise. I don’t want to end up with more pieces of clothing than there are days to wear them. It is tempting to give into spontaneous purchases when a sale is running or “it’s the only one!” but by planning ahead this year I am going to decide from a distance exactly what silhouettes or pieces I want, decide on my budget and then take a purposeful approach to finding them. There are few things more dangerous that shopping for sport. Going to the mall with no intent just leads to buyers remorse and time wasted on returns. Believe me…I know.



Stella McCartney in a coat of her won design.




Long leather gloves and lots of glam.


Retro glam with a modern twist Miuccia style.


Marc Jacobs. I LOVE these!!!!




Runway looks. Long, lean 70’s inspired prints and colors.


Zara jeweled hair comb. This is the perfect way to add some lady-like glamour.


The key pieces, listed below, are on my radar. Keep in mind I want things with some longevity or good resale value. I also want things that can easily work into or compliment my existing wardrobe. What’s on your list?

  • A Faux fur statement piece.
  • Cropped and/or flared high-waisted jeans.
  • A blush, pink or mauve sweater or jacket
  • Block heel Mary Jane shoe.
  • Long leather gloves
  • A printed chiffon maxi dress.
  • A jeweled accessory

Stay tuned for Fall Edit: Part Deux

Wanting: See above

Thankful for: Fall fashion. It’s my favorite season for dressing.

I’ve learned: A few key pieces are better appreciated than a ton of disposable trendy things.

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