Fiona Finds: Stories Behind The Brands.


When I first opened Fiona Finds, the shop, I intentionally selected a small assortment of brands because of the stories behind them. I was testing the waters of online shopping with regard to specialty childrenswear and wanted to do so with brands and people that I believed in and hoped to support.  The merchandise currently in store is cute, cool, functional and well constructed but… those traits alone aren’t enough in any market. The amount of choice we have when it comes to shopping is utterly overwhelming. There are many different kinds of shoppers out there who have specific priorities and availability of funds. My goal in starting the store was to seek out great brands with quality products and good intentions. As seasons pass, new designers and makers will continue to emerge. For now here is some information about the brands and products currently available.  Enjoy reading about them and do take a moment to look at their beautiful creations. While you’re at it enjoy 50% off site wide with code TAKE50.


MOTORETA-AW14V003B-m MOTORETA-AW14P001DG-m2-407x569-1

Motoreta is a young brand of kids wear from the south of Spain, Seville, a magic place with unique identity and tradition. This new project is lead by Cristina Lopez-Lago and Maria Llerena, both architect partners for years and closely linked to the world of art and design. Two years ago we embarked on this creative project following the design concepts that we were developing in our office for years but, this time, applied on evocative world of childhood. That is the background of all our collections  and the pillars of Motoreta’s designs,  simple but sophisticated, with plain colors and clean shapes.

The Motoreta’s concept is the result of a free creative process, inspired by the place were we live, our own kids, architecture and art, without neglecting its commitment to the new design and production processes. A small-scale brand that bets for clothes locally and sustainably produced, choosing quality raw materials and enhancing the small industry. This local production is supported by a global distribution  so we are developing a carefully but strong international presence. An example of how a local manufacturing can go together with a global thinking, design and best quality. Garments and accessories for kids, very comfortable, with contemporary cutting, high quality and 100% made ​​in Andalusia.”




Munsterkids is a collection of kids apparel that is driven by music, art and street culture.

Created by Rich and Samantha Brown in 2005. The Sydney based label now exports to over 20 countries around the world.

The label takes inspiration from the urban legend of Mikey Munster, the sharp toothed trouble maker that resides in every kid. Having 3 boys of their own, Jax, Zai and Kash the Mikey character is seen every day and the boys constantly provide inspiration for the line. The collection includes, denim, outerwear, woven shirts and shorts, board shorts, tees, fleece and accessories with a strong focus on graphics.

Since 2009 the line has expanded into girls with the launch of Missie Munster. Missie blends some street style silhouettes with beautiful illustrations providing a nice alternative for the more street savvy little girl. For the younger Munsters, there is also the little brother and sister of Munster – Mini Munster and Lil Missie.

The range goes from 0-24mths and brings some street smart looks to the babies and toddlers out there.”



“Inspired by the pure and natural beauty of children and the imagery of childhood in simpler times, Dagmar Daley set out to create stylish, simply detailed clothing. Timeless designs (both nostalgic and modern), quality fabrics, and fine detailing are inherent in her collection. The line has been produced in San Francisco since the beginning, we have been committed to local production since before it was fashionable. We are lucky to work with some of the best, most hardworking local family factories in the Bay Area.  This close collaboration guarantees quality, but more importantly it gives us understanding and compassion for the few remaining factories struggling to provide local manufacturing services. Local does matter. Only our hand loomed alpaca sweaters are produced abroad.

Dagmar Daley worked in architecture and design prior to starting her children’s line in the fall of 2003. She works in a converted cottage in the mission district of San Francisco, a short walk from many of her production sources.”

So there you have it. Mind you these are just three of the brands we carry. Also available are unique and lovely pieces from Bacabuche, Zuzii and Jess Brown! Click any pictures to enter store.

Thankful for: A platform to share great designers, makers and their stories.

Wanting: To discover and share more brands and stories with y’all.

I’ve learned: It’s hard to put a price on things. What something is worth and how it is measured varies greatly from person to person.



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