Extreme Play-Home Makeover.


Simple Scandinavian. So clean and modern, and not ours.

We bought a play house for the backyard off of Craigslist two summers ago.  It has been a source of great entertainment for the girls and their friends during the summer months but I have never found it particularly attractive, cute as it is. Then, last week, when we had a taste of summer sun and warm weather a little light bulb went off in my head.  I started Google image searching (one of my favorite past times) for ‘painted outdoor playhouse’ and discovered the handiwork of many like-minded parents and designers who had stepped up their playhouse game. Seeing these beauties made me want to start from scratch and build or buy a wood cottage.  What we already have happens to be plastic. Boo hiss. The project is to improve upon what we already have not to spend money on newer and “better”. Working with what you’ve got is often more rewarding than getting something new. Did I really just say that?  Besides, I need to save some money for the rest of the backyard which needs some landscaping love. For now I’m off to the hardware store for some paint samples so I can extreme home makeover our little shanty. Take a gander at these lovely mini homes and stay tuned for the reveal.


I like the black roof and the white detailing.


Someone takes play cottage building to the nest level for reals.


I love the black, of course, and the bi-level tree house effect. Don’t they just look so happy!

This reminds me of Hansel and Gretel.


I like the built out porch and the hanging basket.


Similar in color to our existing play house and very cozy.

And last…and least is the our storybook play cottage before the redo…


Thankful for: A backyard! It’s nice to have a space to landscape, set up play houses and fairy gardens and just hang out.

I’ve learned: There are lots of people out there with great experience to inspire and aid in DIY project development. Yes, I mean other parents who have fabricated things for their children.

Wanting: The playhouse to be done my next weekend. Eeek!!

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