Eating Pretty.


I stumbled across the book, Eat Pretty the other day whilst in line with a basket full of crafting good at Joann’s. They’ve strategically planted all of their books and magazines (and candy and $1 items) where the line forms so you just can’t help but look. Despite there being about 200 titles to choose from, my eye shot straight to this one. I don’t judge a book by its cover but I’ll be darned if I don’t buy it 9 times out of 10. I am a visual person with a radar for “pretty” things and if there is pink involved, forget it. I flipped through a few pages of this pretty little book and then, as if by magic, it ended up in my bag. Yes, I did pay for it.

I’m currently in a eat-super-healthy-and-work-out-5-days-a-week cycle. It feels good to eat well and to exercise. I know this. We all know this. But, even with my best intentions I know myself. I’m afraid that at some point I will digress back to a cookie after lunch, not motivated to go to the gym phase that leaves me feeling less than my best. The discovery of this little book subtitled, Nutrition and Beauty, Inside and Out, is well-timed. I have made enough headway that I am fitting comfortably into my “slim” clothing. Not so coincidentally my skin looks better and I feel overall more positive and energized. As I read further into the book it confirms the adage that “you are what you eat” and I don’t want to be a cheeseburger.

Though lacking in some areas I like this book for several reasons. It is compact, concise and easy to read.  The author, Jolene Hart, commences with “Beauty Betrayers (BB)” a list of food and drink that are non beneficial to one’s health or well-being. While acknowledging that BB’s are things that many people enjoy and consume with some regularity (hello alcohol, caffeine, dairy and sugar to name just a few) she suggests limiting intake of said things. She lists the benefits of doing so as opposed to shaming us whiskey drinking, sticky toffee pudding eating, cheese loving monsters. This book will not be for everyone. My sister read the Beauty Betrayers section when she was visiting and her comment was, “I started reading that book you got and once the author listed every single thing I like to eat or drink as something to not eat I stopped reading.” I get it.  However, the author goes on to provide helpful and encouraging information. She lists, by season, the ideal foods to be eating, why each one is beneficial,  a “beauty building blocks” section and a checklist of vital nutrients and specific foods sources for optimizing your nutritional intake. I don’t interpret this book as radical with the intent of turning us all into vegetarian farmers who grow and eat our own food. It contains thoughtful information to help one make positive changes in their eating habits. Some of the advice may come off as extreme but I will take her advice with a grain of salt (wait, no salt!;)

I have no intention of never drinking coffee again despite caffeine being on her list of beauty betrayers.  I have been a coffee drinker for most of my life and there are studies that support drinking a cup of coffee each day. For each point there will always be an opposing or contradictory view. With anything it’s my responsibility to gather information and make choices for myself. In this case I have decided to brew 2 cups of coffee for myself in the morning as opposed to the usual 6. I can have my coffee while limiting my intake of caffeine. win-win.

Eat Pretty has been a catalyst to do more in-depth research about the direct and long-term benefits of eating well. Part of saying goodbye to the cookie after lunch non-exercising part of me will be changing my long-term eating habits based on information from a variety of sources. The goal is to feel energized, toned, strong, healthy and beautiful on the inside and out long-term not just when I’m in a “good” phase. The Beauty Detox Foods and Skin Cleanse are both on my library wait list. Each title was recommended by people who had reviewed Eat Pretty as alternatives or supplemental reading that promote the idea of feeling and looking ones best from the inside out.


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So tell me, have you read any great books that have inspired you to look and feel your best?

Thankful for: The abundance of delicious and healthy foods available to me.

I’ve learned: I really do look and feel better when I eat well.

Wanting: To apply some new-found knowledge so I can look and feel my best for the long haul.


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