Girls Room Redo: Analyzing Elements and Ideas of Interest.

The girls’ bedroom is an ongoing work in progress. So, as to not leave you hanging, I’ll share my process and remind you of the look I’m striving for. I hope that in “the end” the aesthetic vibe from these pictures will be represented but in a unique and personal way. After all that’s what really makes a space feel special.


I love the wallpaper, gray furry rug and the bamboo bassinet. There is a great juxtaposition of vintage and modern  design at play in this room. Very whimsical.

After gathering a virtual look book of rooms that I love, I analyze the photos for the specific element(s) that I was drawn to. I often love an assortment of ideas, schemes, colors etc. but combining all of them without editing is a recipe for an overwhelming mess. After noting each visual element I get to work figuring out a way to translate them for a particular project. Here are a selection of pictures, many of which you have likely already seen,  each with a descriptive caption of the desired component, idea, color or product I want to incorporate into the girl’s bedroom.


Mix and match bedding with a vintage feel.


Floral bedding. Deep pink pillows. Warm wood.


White floors. Black dots. Colorful Rug. Iron bed.


Circular rag rug.


Garland. Woven Basket. Old fashioned iron bed. Picture cluster.


Garland. Shelves. Iron bed. Circular multicolored rug.


White modern storage bed. White shelves. Dots. Vintage decorative accents.


Wall baskets for decoration. Iron bed.


Little chair. Little shoes. Iron bed.


Garland. Vintage art. Birdcage. Little shoes.


Furry rug. Wall dots. Little chair.


Hearts. Furry rug. Little chair. Faux bamboo wall hook.

Do you see some themes? Here’s my list of desired ingredients.

  • Dots
  • Vintage floral pattern
  • Petite chair
  • Fur or colorful rug
  • Iron bed or modern storage bed…or one of each?!?
  • A cluster of wall art
  • Garland of some sort
  • Basket(s)
  • A cute assortment of pillows, blankets, dolls and stuffed animals. (I think I have this one covered.)
  • A medium toned wood, bamboo or rattan piece.
  • Wallpaper
  • Pink
  • Display and book shelves

Next I’ll set out to find products, gather pieces in the space and test things out. Sometimes, many times in fact, what looks great in a photograph does not work practically in a space. So there will be tweaking, exchanging and surprises along the way.  I hope you’re enjoying the process and much as I am!

Thankful for: Second hand shops, yard sales, Craigslist and the countless other resources for scoring unique and affordable pieces to decorate with.

Wanting: To round up some nifty, unique and functional pieces.

I’ve learned: As previously mentioned, what looks good in a picture doesn’t always work in reality.


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