BOLD Beauty.


The lip color! The hair!

As I get older (and wiser) I come across images relating to fashion and beauty that both excite and inspire me. I want to run out and replicate what I’ve seen then reemerge into the world transformed.

Shall I be specific? I shall. I want blue hair. I’ve wanted it for months, maybe even years.  I’ve collected and studied these striking images to take to the salon but the terribly practical part of me is not going to let this happen without a fight. Hence, no appointment has been booked. There are alternatives to the bleach and dye process. I could get some colored extensions put in, I could use hair chalk, I could just have a few portions of color rather than my whole head. Any of these options require much less commitment but none will give the all over color effect that I seem to be drawn to.

Sure, it could be a disaster.  On the flip side it could look AWESOME!  You only live once, right? I’m starting to feel like it’s now or never. While I deliberate about whether or not to take the plunge, tell me, what do you think?  Do you like these looks? Would you do this to your hair? More importantly should I do this to my hair?;)




Nicole Richie is here twice because our skin tones are similar so it’s a good indicator in that respect.


Some other options…


Oh Gwen, you’re So cool.

The 2013 EE British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA'S)

I just love Helen Mirren.


Too green for me but looks cool here.


Coloring only the bottom solves the roots issue.


Thankful for: The ability to transform myself.

I’ve learned: Decisions I make regarding my appearance don’t really affect other people.

Wanting: Clarity. To blue or not to blue? That is the question.




2 thoughts on “BOLD Beauty.

  1. As someone growing out a rat nest of a very high quality bleach and tone process- I would say do not. It is brutal to hair. Those pictures look good in the magazines because they take them soon after the process and not in the sad days of dead strangled hair (like two weeks later). I say- admire it from a distance, know you would look incredibly stunning with it, but maybe just put blue chalk in it or a blue scarf around it or something to get the effect. The process in real life I think is ickier than it looks on models. For my short hair- I think I will be growing it out for a painful two years- so think about that for your beautiful natural long hair and maybe just do the tips if you can’t resist…

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