Spring Fashion Looks For Less. Incredible Inspiration and Sublime Substitution.


Love them or hate them culottes aren’t going anywhere.

OK people. It’s time you know that I consider myself a bargain hunter. Do I splurge occasionally and spend way too much money on something that I LOVE but don’t need? Yes. Do I buy unnecessary things that are such an amazing deal it would be a crime not to buy them? Yes.  Am I sharing too much about my unhealthy spending habits? Perhaps.

The point is that I, like many of you, love getting a good deal. It’s easy to find gorgeous, expensive, one-of-a-kind piece of clothing, furniture, decorations, toys, art, you name it.  There is no shortage of pretty stuff to look at and in our culture, a lot of thinking  “I want me some of that”.  What is not so straightforward is locating and funding the acquisition of said items. It takes time and diligence to translate coveted pieces into tangible goods for oneself. Part of my process when designing, styling or shopping for myself or others is to collect inspiration and then find, filter and finally acquire the perfect clone and on occasion discover a great deal on the original. I enjoy seeking out affordable substitutes for inaccessible or unavailable goods.

Spring-2015-Shoe-Trends-GladiatorsI’ve spent a lifetime wanting clothes that are uncomfortably outside of my reach, financially speaking.  Scouring fashion magazines in middle school inspired me to work in fashion but did not fund my desire to own a Chanel suit in eighth grade. What can I say, I had sophisticated taste at a young age;)  As a teenager and young woman working in the fashion industry I got accustomed to not paying retail price but I was simultaneously exposed to a multitude of lovely clothing geared toward people of much higher means than my own. Wanting what I couldn’t have made me resourceful and creative and much more appreciative of the pieces I hunted down. Sure they are just goods. We can get philosophical about the want and need of material things but that’s a conversation for another day. For now enjoy some of my recent finds:)

Take a peek at what I’ve been coveting and what I’ve found to satiate the beast within.

Culottes, Wide-leg cropped pant, Gauchos.

This trend hit the streets last year but it’s lingering well into the fall collections.


Calvin Klein culottes $1995.00.


Off white culottes from Nordstrom $68


Zara $79


A tailored cropped leg from Gap $60


A more colorful variety.


Though I am not loving the styling here I have already purchased these cropped pants pour moi. H&M $60. I’ll wear them with sandals and a fitted top. Watch out!


LOVE this color. Asos $68

Gladiator Sandals.


Chloe lace up wedge heel gladiator $1075


Topshop wedge lace-up gladiator $110. Did I mention free shipping?


Zara ankle height lace up gladiator. $159. This color!

For those of you who prefer to make a statement with the knee high variety…


Stuart Weitzman caged gladiator $435.


MIA Glitterati gladiator $79


GC caged gladiator $45.

and…for a more Roman inspired look…


Valentino $1475


Anthropologie $189


Pixie Market $105.


ZARA $159

And back to Chloe…


Chloe knee high gladiators $1400




Rae Gladiator from Free people available in multiple colors. A bit spendy at $298 but still gorgeous.


Beautiful, feminine white lacy bohemian beauty.


Paris Spring shows 2015


ZARA $79


Olive and Oak embroidered romper $89. This would look great with a pair of tall gladiator sandals.


Gorgeous top from H&M $30


Burberry Prorsum Resort collection $2795.00


Free People $168

Don’t forget shopping vintage is another great way to find and recycle fashion. After all, what goes around comes around. Ebay and Etsy are awesome online resources for vintage clothing, antique furniture and textiles as well as you local thrift and consignment shops.

I hope you found some goodies. Click on pictures to link directly to resources.


Thankful for: Options. Though I can get easily overwhelmed by a plethora of choices I’m thankful I have the ability to make them.

What I want: A pair of knee high gladiators and a kick ass attitude. YEAH!

What I’ve learned: I find great satisfaction in saving money for myself and clients.





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