Rugs and More Rugs.


Hello there. I’m back to present some rugs I’m considering for the girls room. In skimming my KIDS and RUGS Pinterest boards you may notice that there are several different styles of rugs that I like. A vast array spanning from animal hide to vintage Persian, stripes to solids, single hue to rainbow extraordinaire and everything in between.

I’ve had a long, complicated relationship with rugs. Inevitably, the rugs I fall in love with are antique, hand-made and cost a small fortune. For many reasons, number one being budget, number two being practicality, I have never invested more than $1000 in a rug. Mind you, I have gotten some beyond amazing deals on ridiculously expensive rugs in days gone by from the ABC carpet outlet in Brooklyn which no longer exists. Insert sad face. Moving on…

I love vintage Azilal and Boucherouite rugs. They are colorful, handmade, unique and the kids like them as much as I do. The issue is they are quite expensive and there are so many out there (all one of a kind) that I could spend weeks deliberating over which has the best pattern, color combination, size and so on. I would undoubtedly purchase “the one” then not be able to return “the one” because it was not all I had hoped it would be. Call me a pessimist but I find great comfort in a good return policy. Seeing a picture of something is no match for the feel and look of the real thing. A downfall of shopping online. Additionally, I like to test things out.  To collect components and play around with them until I find just the right combination of pieces. This playtime cannot be enjoyed with non-returnable items. It’s the price I have to pay for my approach to decorating. The point is, though there are many great resources for beautiful, one of a kind rugs, I want one that has the look of a vintage handmade work of art without the cost and risk. Is that too much to ask? Here are several good looking and budget friendly options, keeping in mind that either 3′ x 5 ‘ or 4′ x 6’ is the size I’m shopping for. What do you think?


Over-dyed Dhurrie from Urban Outfitters!


A VEGAN animal hide. I don’t think I could do a real hide but this? Maybe.


This one definitely had a vintage Moroccan vibe. Little burst of color could be just right for the space.


I like the idea of a Kilim but this may be too muted. I want stronger contrast and more color with this type of rug.


Another fun alternative to an animal hide. This whimsical wool rug is reasonable at $299 from Land of Nod.

confetti-fest-rug half-stripe-rug-pink


I think this might be the one. It has color, texture, contrast and is a good interpretation of a traditional Azilal rug from Morocco but it’s from West Elm so it’s less expensive and returnable.


Another West Elmer. Love the color and pattern. Not sure if it’s right for the space so It might turn up in our dining room.


This rug mimics the rattan look that I like. Maybe I’ll throw this by the dresser to incorporate a textural element.


On sale for $129! Great looking rug with minimal financial investment.


This Chindi loop rug provides Texture and color.

Thankful for: The internet! Seriously, How else could I find each of these rugs in only a few days and from the comfort of my own home?

Wanting: One of these rugs.  Hmm…which one will it be?

I’ve learned: Spending less money doesn’t equate sacrificing good design.

One thought on “Rugs and More Rugs.

  1. Oooo! I have to say I dig the Dhurrie! Runner-up for me for you is the green one. And, I had zero knowledge of rugs until your post! All I know about is the massive fair trade rug sale Ten Thousand Villages hosts each year. Let’s attend it! It’s awesome…

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