White On My Mind.


Silhouettes from the 2015 runway shows.

I am heavily into the modern, white aesthetic right now and am collecting ideas for how this bias will play out in my Spring wardrobe. I appreciate the simplicity of white and how it lends itself well to the sculptural aspect of design.  Shape, texture and line are particularly important when working with a monochromatic scheme whether it be in interior design or fashion.  Here are a few key pieces and trends that I am loving right now.


White lace meets bohemia. Lets take note of those gladiator sandals, shall we?



Pencil skirt and t-shirt. Nice combo.


I’m on the fence with the white sneakers. I am typically not a sneaker wearing kind of lady. Time will tell.


Layered dress by A piece a Part.



OK, I need these Rachel Comey boots.


I do like a nice white bag. ZARA, again.


Crisp Boho. Who knew?


This perforation technique is all over the place. Who doesn’t love a chic white pump?


Just a few months of hardcore ab work and then maybe just maybe I can pull off this crop top trend.


Chic and elegant. I am a sucker for the midi length.

Thankful for: Fashion designers.

Wanting: White Culottes, white shoes, a white Crop top (with a side of flat abs) and white pencil skirt.

I’ve learned: Translating runway to real life is a skill.





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