Handmade Coquita Bags. Be Cute and Avoid Light Headedness!

IMG_6125Don’t you just love unique, fun things that are also practical? I do! These colorful “Coquita” bags by HBB Industria Argentina are just that. They are traditionally used to store leaves for nourishment whilst hiking high in the mountains of Peru.  You know how you reach for a leaf when your feeling a little dizzy?  They also happen to make the sweetest accessory for your fashion plate and are the perfect size for carrying or collecting little treasures like hair clips, beads, chapstick, keys, stickers, or in these cold winter months… tissues!!! Not to mention they make great stocking stuffers and gifts.  Gorgeous colors achieved using natural floral and vegetable dyes. Each bag is handcrafted from 100% llama wool in Peru by the indigenous women of the Puna.  Available in shop now for $22 a pop.

IMG_6127IMG_6130 IMG_6137 IMG_6138

Thankful for: New discoveries.

Wanting: A new purse.

I’ve learned: What I want is not always what is most practical.


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