DIY Branch Light For The Guestroom

IMG_5964IMG_5967Before you think for one moment that I’m claiming this idea is my own,  I confess,  it is not. I was inspired by the DIY guru,  Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook. I have long admired both her blog and her ingenuity. This is not the first (nor the last) project of hers that has caused an impromptu trip over to Home Depot and Michael’s. There is almost always a can of gold spray paint involved.

Here’s the story. Our guest room had a huge, ugly and dusty (I guess that’s my fault), wooden fan that provided good light and a cool breeze but was a total eyesore. I removed it long before I had a replacement. When I say “I” you of course know that my husband did the actual removing. I don’t mess with hard wiring.  Temporary table lamps provided light but there was still that hole in the ceiling with the live wires poking out …eek!   I bought and returned multiple ceiling lamps of various styles and lengths but nothing really felt right in the room. A lot of that had to do with the fact that the whole room needed a once over so finding the right light was a challenge. With several visitors coming to town I finally got the push I needed to address the issue. As I was perusing Pinterest and Google imaging “brass ceiling light” for inspiration I ended up at Jenny’s post about the branch light that she made for her landing. It had the elements I was searching for; a modern aesthetic, an organic feel and glorious goldness. The fact that it was a straightforward, simple and affordable DIY project sealed the deal.  I was excited to use her idea and customize the lamp for my personal needs and style. To the Depot I went. I was happy to knock this one out in only a few hours. From inspired to mission accomplished in one weekend?  You can’t beat that with a bat.

Here are a few shots of the work in progress and the finished light installed.



Hmm. Which one shall I choose?

IMG_5966 IMG_5962 IMG_5963

I decided to mix and match bulb sizes and finishes. I chose a combination of 25 and 40 watt bulbs since there are so many sockets. I didn’t want to over load the fixture or have the room be obnoxiously bright.  I opted for the Rustoleum over the design master spray paint. Honestly the difference was slight but I felt the Rustoleum was a little richer. I’ve used it before, many times, and I’ve always been happy with the results. I ended up with a total of fourteen socket splitters but I did not put a bulb in each opening  because it made the room too bright and I was able to conceal the empty ones pretty well. I’ve never met a ceiling light that didn’t look better with a medallion so I chose this one from Home Depot. I love the contrast between the classic architectural element and the modern fixture. The most time-consuming part was deciding on the positioning of the splitters and the bulbs. Once I liked the configuration I removed the bulbs, taped over the electrical portion of the socket  (the interior part where the bulb goes) then spray painted the fixture as a whole.  I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

Check out Jenny’s step by step and take a gander at some of her other inspired projects while you’re there.  You’ll be amazed!


I’m Thankful for: How easy it is to access inspiration and information and make an idea into reality.

I’m wanting: A custom Lindsey Adelman hanging lamp.  Dreaming is free.

I’ve learned: Tiny steps can take you far.



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