The Playroom Saga Continues

4dedf5e018efea829c5cbe87758c62a9Since the last post I’ve made some headway in terms of getting the two playrooms in order. I’ve also realized that the idea of more than one play area in a house with two children is not that absurd. In fact many friends have told me,( and I’ve seen for myself) that their entire homes have become over taken with kid gadgets, toys and gear. One friend even commented that his boys have “destroyed everything that was once nice in their home”. Yikes.

The basement has been cleared except for one corner of piled up junk, it is a basement after all;) All of the toys and furniture that are going to live there just need to be arranged. The main floor playroom is really taking off. It has been simplified and the base furniture and decoration is very neutral and calm. I think the space looks very inviting and the girls are totally into my plans to build a fort/tent/tepee hideout and to install a hanging chair (low and over a soft rug). I’ve added some work in progress pictures. Feast your eyes on some of my inspiration pictures for the tepee and hanging chair or better yet head over to my kids board on Pinterest.



My first choice hanging chair from Pier 1. At $400 with the stand I’m going to go with the $69 Ikea chair. See below.


Our Ikea Stuva storage system.


The Ikea hanging chair that will mount from the ceiling or a handing stand.


My beloved poufs. I need to find a new home for these. The rug is visiting from the kitchen but I like the way it looks. My other ideas are a boucherouite or plush ivory Moroccan style rug.


Love all of these.


Classic Moroccan style rug


Lace curtains from …you guessed it, Ikea $9.99 for 2 panels. These will become the tepee/fort


A little sheepskin throw to add texture and coziness. The girls already love lying on it:) Dress up clothes in the roll out storage bin.


Assorted baskets from the good will. A little more character than your average storage bins and boxes.


I’m thinking about using this neon hula hoop to create a canopy fort if the tepee idea doesn’t pan out.

And now for the gorgeous and perfectly styled inspiration pics from the interweb.

6a00d8358081ff69e2017744a2ff72970d-800wi 6a00d8358081ff69e201761774b814970c-800wi The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose a8dcc83daa69855714d4be64e4ade99b

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