Lille Nord Magazine: A Celebration Of Nordic Culture and Design For The Modern Family



Lille Nord Issue #1. Cover Illustration by Lisa Grue.

Lille Nord began as a website dedicated to Nordic culture, lifestyle, travel and design for the modern family. The Spring/Summer 2014 issue is the premier print edition of the magazine and I am super excited to currently be the exclusive retailer of Lille Nord in the United States! Lille Nord is a perfect fit for Fiona Finds, the shop, and totally in keeping with our concept of discovering small and independent brands and unique items from around the world to enhance the lives of the modern, design savvy family.

I met the Editor-in-Chief, Monica Bach, at Playtime, a children’s wear trade show in New York back in March. It was really exciting to discover Lille Nord.  I have always been a magazine junkie but it’s refreshing to find small and independently published magazines that have an interesting and unique point of view. Of course photography, styling and layout are all incredibly important factors to any publication of this kind and Lille Nord does not disappoint. I enjoyed the magazine so much upon looking through it that I’ve arranged with Monica to offer it for sale here in the United States, for you! No worries, the text is in English though the photos alone are worth the purchase. The magazine is geared towards design conscious modern parents and serves as a great reference guide for travel, food, DIY projects and of course, kids clothing and decor. It is published bi-annually.

The Spring/Summer issue features three delicious recipes for popsicles including one for elderflower and pear…yum! Fun to make and refreshing to eat on a hot summer day.  The issue also highlights some fantastic shops, cafes and points of interest throughout Scandinavia and includes an awesome family friendly day trip itinerary to Copenhagen. Enjoy interviews with Danish families and designers, browse shopping guides to learn about children’s fashion trends and get inspiration for your own life and environment.  Scandinavia may be small geographically but it’s big and influential in style! Enjoy a peek inside Lille Nord and purchase a copy here.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the weeks and months to come and an onslaught of goods mid-summer!


181 pages of goodness!




Elderflower and Pear Popsicles!

Thankful for: Having a platform to share discoveries

Wanting: Warm weather already!!!(so I can eat popsicles outside;)

I’ve learned: There are so many people  in this world doing amazing, creative and positive things!



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