Birkenstocks, My Story.


The word Birkenstocks was swiftly followed with an emphatic “never!” from me until last summer when I started seeing some runway and editorial photos of stylish ladies wearing what looked to be Birkenstock inspired sandals. A trend was indeed emerging. I thought about getting some “pretty ugly” sandals but wasn’t quite ready to go there. Here we are a year later and it’s images like these that got me to re-think my stance on Birkenstocks.  the-fashionnphile-black-birko-flor-arizona-sandals-fashion-over-reason


I’m not totally sold on the floppy hat but it’s working for her.


I am totally digging the third look. Printed midi dress and black Birkenstocks with socks. It’s going to happen.

My husband was wearing Birkenstock-like sandals the first time we met. They weren’t even the real thing but they made enough of an impression that I referred to him as “Birk” for the first few weeks after we met. I didn’t know if I could date a man who wore Birkenstock or any sandal that gave the impression of such. This was over ten years ago when I was single, wrapped up in my fashion career and living the party life in NYC. Man sandals played no part in my vision of the dream husband. Now, here we are (me and Birk) all these years later and guess what I just bought MYSELF…

Birkenstock Shoes 008_5

These Bad Boys.

The Birkenstock trend popped up on the runway a couple of seasons ago, at Celine and Marni most prominently but these were far from what you would imagine when you think of Birkenstocks. The traditional thick double strap and wide base were tripped out and high-fashioned. Foot beds lined in candy colored fur and straps encrusted in jewels. The trend has trickled down to the masses and voila, the original Birkenstocks are a major trend this season. Think of me what you will. The truth is…you see a theme here when I talk about fashion trends and my stay-at-home momness, I like to be on trend but I also have to be practical. Do I want the jewel encrusted Marni version of Birks, yes, will I wear them to the zoo this summer? Probably not. I will however wear by black Birks, be comfortable on trend and at peace with being a a Birkenstock wearer. I might even wear them with socks.




Givenchy “birks”



Traditional Arizona Style Birkenstocks in White

images CelineStocks

These jeweled Zara sandals are a real possibility.

These jeweled Zara sandals are a real possibility.



3 thoughts on “Birkenstocks, My Story.

  1. Ok- SO- I’m going to have to sit with this one for a while. You see, Matt wasn’t the only one scorned by you for wearing Birks!! (Solidarity,Matt)

    I’m still laughing about that day in college when we were about to walk out of the apt ( I, in my brown perfectly worn Birkenstocks, you in some friggin amazing heels) and you told me to walk my butt back into my room for some real shoes.

    I did this dutifully , I knew never- ever question YOU on fashion, or beauty( gawd my eyebrows were terrible before I met you!)

    We all knew that was for sure a definite.

    You; a vision of fashion perfection everyday. All the rest of us; drunken drooling slobs in men’s ripped jeans.

    Back in 1993, Birks were no where near the runway – they were still only worn with jingly ankle bracelets by twirly girls in skirts. It made sense then and you were absolutely correct that Birks had no place going on a day trip to the the upper east side of NYC.

    Maybe the fashion industry knows that the ones buying stuff in 2014 are the 40yr old, ex 90’s Birk wearing hippies who’ve finally arrived and have bank accounts! Damnit they’re smart.

    I’m so relieved that now I can go buy another pair! My bunions are killing me!!

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