Write it Down.


Time and time again I make mental lists for myself and then before I can say “write it down!” I’ve totally overwhelmed myself with a burden of thoughts. This is followed swiftly by feelings of disappointment regarding my lack of ritual for turning thoughts into action. I have a tendency to get an idea, set a goal, or have a vision and then want immediate results. If I don’t have something tangible quickly I get frustrated. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember no matter how ridiculous my expectations are. “Why can’t I play whatever I want on the guitar after a month of lessons?”. I’ve gotten much more realistic and patient with myself.  I try to remind myself daily that small steps will eventually lead me from point A to some version of point B or perhaps a whole different point that I hadn’t imagined. In fact I’m much more at peace with the process of building something than expecting immediate results. The single most helpful thing I have done in finding clarity and focus is to write things down. Lists, goals, ideas, places to go, people to talk to, books to read, recipes to try, anything and everything! I got over the idea a while ago that the only things worthy of writing down are major life goals.  Meeting short-term goals is essential to reaching long-term goals. Simply crossing things off the list like, go to post office, pack up returns,  make hair appointment, do dinner prep etc. are so crucial for me. If I cross something off my list it’s an accomplishment. If I just do it when I get around to it, “it” seems to carry less value for me. It’s about maintaining a positive and productive state of mind. It can be hard from day-to-day but I remind myself that not everything I say or do has to be perfect and that getting frustrated and overwhelmed is a natural part of growing. I just need to continue checking things off my list.

Thankful for: Moments of clarity.

Wanting: A financially successful and rewarding business.

I’ve Learned: Writing is therapeutic.

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