Cropped Tops + Me = Not happeneing. I’m A Little Sad About It.





I’m always interested in what’s trendy and I like to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in fashion. For me it’s about picking what works for my body and being comfortable while still enjoying the process of personalizing trends.  I do love fashion and I often find myself wistfully looking through magazines thinking, “I remember when I would have worn that or I wish I had an occasion to wear that.” I periodically get bummed out when I see a look I really like but know in my heart of hearts there is no way I can make it work for me.  This season it’s the cropped top. I’ve seen some gorgeous looks that I wish I could pull off but a bare midriff has never been on the table for me. This trend can very easily turn trashy but when done right it is fantastic. Modern, chic, fun and sophisticated. They key to the look (besides a trim torso that people want to look at) is the higher waited bottom be it skirt or pant. Cropped top + low rise bottom = no go.


Photo courtesy of Runway Translator

My definition of fashionable has changed from wearing the latest and greatest (and often times most expensive) to being at peace with comfort and realizing that style and comfort can walk hand in hand. I’m embracing the cozy chic philosophy of clean lines, minimal fuss, good fabric and the importance of color and texture.  This can in fact be achieved with a cropped top and the right bottom and I would contemplate it but the truth of the matter is this trend is not playground, school pick up, story time at the library, Target grocery shopping friendly attire and I spend the majority of my time shuttling between those places. I cried a little inside when I proof read that sentence.  It’s just not worth the investment for me but to those hip, young things who can and will pull it off I say,  good for you! If you’ve got it flaunt it.

NYFW Crop Couple

As seen on the runway. Photo courtesy of stylist Kiri Yachenko.

Lacoste - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014



Alice and Olivia

Before I forget…again.

Thankful for: My beautiful daughters who made my midriff what it is today.

Wanting: to loose 5 pound. There’s been a lot of sweet treats and hearty eating this winter.

I’ve learned: Trends come and go so I won’t be sad for long.

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