Fiona Finds: A little shopping trip around the world.


Playtime NYC concept space featuring vendors from the show.

Instagram has played a huge part in my discovering emerging and growing brands all over the world. There are so many creative, artistic and intriguing people out there doing and making amazing things.  It’s been a great resource, in addition to trade magazines and tradeshows for learning about many of the brands that I will be carrying in the shop. Not surprisingly these brands hail from all over the world. I will have a healthy selection of goodies designed and manufactured in America and for that I am proud, but I am also really excited to introduce some great brands from around the globe. Amazing and beautiful things are coming from Denmark, Australia, Korea, Spain, and more! I take care to select brands I believe in that are not only aesthetically pleasing but have a story to tell. The people behind them have a purpose and vision that they want to share with world and I want to provide them a venue to do that. I’m also going to show how to mix and match brands because outfitting is the way you and your kids give these beautiful items some personal flair! Here’s some of the brands I visited with in New York and images of items coming to the store from far and wide. Great people make great things!

A peek at what’s coming…


Jess brown Dolls made in California


Hand knit merino vests from Argentina.


Lavender filled wool triangle hand made my a Brooklyn stylist.


Functioning mini harmonica necklaces!


One of my favorites! This beautiful folk fabric refashioned into skirts, tops and scarfs. So fun and colorful.


Playtime NYC concept space featuring different vendors from the show.


Munster kids. A rad brand from Australia. Awesome graphics and cool boys clothes.


One of my favorites. 100% merino wool poncho outfit from Spain.


Fabelab Origami blanket from Denmark. I’ll be an exclusive retailer in the States!

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