Emile et Ida. A Simply Gorgeous Collection For Kids.



I discovered The Emile et Ida children’s collection last fall while visiting showrooms in New York. Their design aesthetic is so gorgeous and right up my alley as far as what I will offer you all in the shop. The collection is designed in Paris and the majority is manufactured in Portugal. There is tremendous attention to detail in the entire process. Each piece is made with children’s comfort in mind and is tested in action to assure ease of movement and softness to the touch. Even the metallic wool sweaters are made so they don’t itch! I was immediately drawn to the look of the line but after learning more about both the design and manufacturing processes carrying the collection in the shop became a no brainer. Finding quality, unique, comfortable children’s apparel can be a challenge but Emile et Ida has hit the nail on the head. Their boys and Girls collections are equally special and run from size 3 months to 16 years. Enjoy and take inspiration from these past editorial pictures. I’ve had a sneak peek at the autumn/winter 2014 collection and it is beyond gorgeous. It will available in the shop in mid August. I will post some pictures from the trade show in a few weeks so you can get as excited about it as I am!!




emile-et-ida-sweat-top-emile-et-ida-sweat-moustache emile_et_ida_cat_all_over_bois 792bfb13cb9323eee710b034d24815698821e546 2_Emile_Et_Ida_Little_Gatherer_Kids_Clothes_Style emile+et+ida+3

To read more about their process click here

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