Found! Rosie Revere Engineer.


My daughter loves it as much as I do.

I can’t remember exactly when I stumbled across this book but it was within the past three months. I was drawn to the familiarity of the illustrations and quickly realized that this is a newly released children’s book by the same author/illustrator duo who created  the popular kids book,  Iggy Peck Architect. I read the first three pages of Rosie Revere and I knew that I had to get this book for my girls…but I didn’t. I waited for an occasion. Christmas was fast approaching so I went onto Amazon expecting a one-click order to arrive in days but the book was on back order. The horror! I quickly walked to Barnes and Noble where Rosie was also…not available. I called the local children’s book shop and, you guessed it, not in stock. Finding this book became a challenge and a mission. Was I the last to find out about this book? Had I missed my only chance to buy it?  Was it actually an old book no longer in print?  Terrible thoughts raced through my mind (do you like the drama?).

Christmas came and went. No book. I was still determined to find it. Weeks had passed yet it was still unavailable on Amazon. I was quite perplexed by how difficult it was to buy this book. I had considered going to the library but it was intended to be a gift and a keeper so I hadn’t until this point. Finally, I went to our local library and requested it.  Get ready folks, even the library didn’t have a copy of this book. Fortunately, they were able to order a few copies for circulation and place me on top of the waiting list. After only a week I got my “ready to pick up”email.  I tell you, this book was worth the wait. Fantastic illustrations and a great message about never giving up. I love that the heroine is a quiet little girl who likes to invent things.  Her supportive great aunt, who built planes during World War Two, encourages Rosie to persevere through failure and follow her desire to invent despite what other people say or how they react to her creations.   I would definitely recommend this one and lucky for you it’s back in stock on Amazon.

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