Midi On My Mind.

a2d8cdd1d5946b9b0ea51292d034e9b7I have started gathering images to bring on the fateful day. Here are some I’ve complied. f293fef238cf063ef5b72229764ba83bI’ve been a fan of the midi length skirt for sometime now. There is something so feminine, easy and chic about a hemline that hits mid-calf.  My latest focus is on midi hair. I have had long hair for the majority of my life.  I mean long, like currently mid-back length straight brown hair. I tried a pixie cut in college(never again), a platinum blond bob (also in college) and various other styles to spice things up but other than those deviations and the growing out process my hair has remained well below my shoulders with some bangs and layers along the way. Lately, I’ve been catching glimpses in the mirror and I can’t help but feeling like a Glamour “don’t”.  I feel a change in the air. Maybe it’s thoughts of spring, reinvention or perhaps just the fact that despite having long, healthy hair I always roll it up into a messy bun or pull it back into a pony tail.  A girl friend of mine recently joked that she mistook me for Crystal Gayle.  This would have been a compliment at age 7 but at 40 it sparked concern.  So off to the salon I went, a month ago, and told the stylist I wanted a change. I left with what your average person calls a good trim. Sure, she cleaned my ends up and styled me right but after the first wash my hair basically looked the same. Like, not one single person said, ” I love your haircut!” . If anyone had if fact noticed that I gotten one they were likely thinking “thank goodness that woman finally groomed herself.”  These pics combined with my collection of magazine tear sheets give me a solid presentation for my next appointment. Stay tuned for the before and after pics.

Wish me luck.

bette-franke-miu-miu Scarlett-Johansson2-e1288721252908 d26f5ffca7d65789051d26266454a18c 6f21a2c8ae96058680e75d41c4cba355 5b2b90f0f0f9d871f8ea21c9a87e39c5

Thankful for: Having a healthy head of hair.

Want: The perfect haircut.

I’ve learned: Hair grows back.

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