Almond Nails and Knuckle Rings. I Want Them Both.


K/ILLER brass nails

13-2-3 lb Lana-Del-Rey-HM-Campaign-Fall-2012 tumblr_mcy5zqZpwL1qzvxtio1_500_large diana-dorsThis whole nail art craze started long, long ago with a little company called Urban Decay. They made nail polish in unique colors with inspired names.  Now they are a mega beauty brand that ironically doesn’t sell nail polish anymore with the exception of limited edition releases. Painting fingernails other than red, “ballet slipper” pink or getting a french manicure was the norm until women (and some dudes) realized that nails are in fact a part of the body that could be adorned in new ways.

Urban Decay created a craze and from then on the nail polish industry blossomed. Nails could really make a statement. Ladies started experimenting and making bolder choices regarding nail shape and color. Now nails have become as important as make up on the runways. Jewels, stickers, piercings, gel manicures, metallics, glitter, patterns, just about anything you could imagine is being put onto nails. The term nail art is used in regular conversation.

I experimented with fake nails in college  once…once. I don’t think my nails have ever really recovered from that disaster. I paint my nails every now and again. I try cool trendy colors and every so often go for a mani/pedi but I have seen two things in the past few weeks that have me totally obsessed with nails and pumped and ready to take it to the next level.   Between Helen Castillo from Project runway and Lana Del Ray circa 2012 I have been contemplating getting some almond daggers put on.  I love the shape it is both old school feminine and straight up bad ass. The other thing is the embossed brass nails set  by K/ILLER. They make my heart skip a beat every time I see them and have me wondering, could I? Should I? What it boils down to is this. I want long oval talons and some gold finger tips or at the very least some gold knuckle rings.

13332748I got some Sally Hansen Miracle nail growth serum from Target to get the process started. If I can do this naturally I will. If not I will attempt the acrylic nail tips again. Once I have nails and jewelry I want I will likely take the time to put on some hand cream this winter so I can get out there and create some nail envy. Stay tuned.

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