Fashion At Every Age

It happened. I turned 40 yesterday. I can honestly say that since the day I turned 39 I have been dreading the day.

foreverI laughed out loud when I saw this card and then I cried a little inside because of how much I can relate to it. Younger me would not be caught dead in yoga pants, or sneakers for that matter. I mean how unfashionable can one be? Flash forward to toddler yoga class, mummy tummy,  and 5 minutes or less to pull an outfit together before drop off and it’s easy to understand why sometimes it’s faster and more practical to reach for what is comfortable (and machine washable).

I’ve held on to most of my designer duds and plenty of sparkly, feathery, tight fitting things that all adorn my closet beautifully. I’m sentimental. I can’t bear to part with a beautiful piece of clothing even if I know I probably won’t ever wear it again.  I fear that no one will appreciate or have the attachment to my clothes that I do. Even though I don’t wear half of my clothes anymore they still bring a smile to my face.  Like an old friend.

I have not entirely deserted style for comfort and I will never do that. It’s about finding a balance. I think of myself as a stylish person and I like to get dressed up and pull outfits together. My focus has just shifted as my lifestyle and my priorities have changed. Turning 40 is not a fashion death sentence. I choose to look at it as a turning point.  Another chance to reinvent myself. Fashion at every age. Now on with my forties…

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