The Brand Market Workshop. Ticket please!

I was just sitting here in my Snuggie wondering what to write about. What can I share that will inspire others and be fun to talk about? As my mind was churning through ideas I decided to sort through the 20+ tabs that are open on my computer. I clicked on my “mom fashion bloggers to watch” tab and was delighted to find In Honor of Design a great blog written by a super cool woman who just happens to be a mom. In reading her posts I came across one regarding a Brand Market Workshop. ding-ding-ding!


I want to be a mom blogger to watch. What can I learn from these hip, design saavy ladies? A lot, I’m sure. This workshop sounds like an ideal place to dive in for a novice like moi. The timing could not be more perfect. I read the schedule and content for the event and knew that I had to enter to win a spot. Check it out. It promises to be hugely helpful and a great opportunity to learn and connect. I’m hoping as more people discover my blog I’ll be able to share some of the wonderous things that I am discovering out there on the interweb. Sitting in front of a computer can be a lonely place until I click a few links, open some new tabs and discover a network of kindred spirits doing and sharing so many amazing an beautiful things. Now I just have to sit tight and hope I win a ticket!!

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