Cool Kids and the Clothes They Wear


J.Crew Macallister boots

I was never much for kids fashion until I had kids. As a non-parent person and lover of fashion I was aware that cute, cool and hip kids clothing existed but I didn’t really understand just how many brands were out there until I had children of my own. Two girls no less. There is a lot of clothing out there for kids, girls especially, that I find to be totally age inappropriate, way too froufy or just plain oogly ( I could say the same for womens wear too!) However, all that stuff is balanced with some of the most beautiful, simple, comfortable and fun garments that have me and countless other moms asking,  “Does that come in my size?”  Here are a few of recent finds.




Curio and Kind Feather Skirt and Butterflies Tee


Motoreta New Line from Spain


Janie and Jack Dalmation Tights


April Showers from France


Smallable France


Smallable France



Zara kids

Zara kids

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