Cultivating Ideas and Visions on Pinterest


Where do I buy this room?

Dress and rug please.

Dress and rug please.

The inspiration behind me new kitchen

The inspiration behind my new kitchen

I am a very visual person. I learn by watching and I express myself by demonstrating. I was talking to someone the other day about focusing  the visions and ideas  I have for my business in some easy to access catalog that I can carry anywhere and everywhere.  Enter Pinterest.  Well, this is probably a no-brainer for most of you. Pinterest has allowed me and many like me to have a beautiful visual space to collect, share and access ideas.  It is a beautiful thing.   Now, about all of those binders of tears sheets, magazine clipping and stacks (and I do mean stacks) of Domino, Elle Decor, Vogue, etc. taking up and entire corner of my basement…

Good riddance!

Good riddance!

It’s time to cut loose, spend a day transferring paper images to my Pinterest boards and recycle that noise. That corner can be put to much better use but that’s a conversation for another day.  Until then check out my pins and please share your thoughts with me. I love feedback.

Happy pinning.

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