Deep Thoughts and Kitten Heel Boots.

I often feel like I’m in a self-propelled whirlwind.  I have constant ideas, thoughts, fears, dreams, songs, lists and visions in my head that it has become difficult to pinpoint a specific one at any given moment unless I stop the world around me. Writing gives me that few moments a day to force some of my thoughts into the world for all to see and judge. Any artistic or personal endeavour exposes you to the harshest of critics and it is challenging to get up and push through, especially when you ideas aren’t clear and you vision isn’t strong. I’m learning that I really need to clarify things for myself before I can share what I have to give.  Those are my deep thoughts for today.Now onto the business at hand. Boots. Yes, another post about boots.

ACNE Palma boot...drool

ACNE Palma boot…drool

These will do just fine.

These will do just fine.

My Topshop kitten heel boots, part deux, should be arriving today. Got the size 40 last week and they were too big, surprisingly because I am a true 40.  We’ll see how the size 39 fit and  whichever of the two don’t end up in my closet…CRAZY timing, Fed ex truck just pulled up. Can I get a what! what!… as I was saying. The pair that I don’t keep will be in the shop so if these are your dream boots check out the link to the shop.  These are the closest I could find to the ACNE Palma boots and I desperately wanted a pair of white boots this fall.  Off I go to try them on. Happy Friday!

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