My Dreams of Haute Couture Turned to a Reality with Jeans.

It’s funny how my wardrobe has changed and matured over the years.  As a teenager I never wore jeans.  I wore a school uniform all week and on the weekends I was busy trying to mimic outfits from the pages of Vogue with my limited resources.  Forever 21 didn’t exist and neither Topshop nor H&M were stateside yet so I really had to get creative. I still remember a pair of lace trimmed biker shorts that Madonna was wearing in a (Harper’s Bazaar) editorial with a quilted peplum cone bra corset designed by JP Gaultier.  I was so frustrated that I couldn’t find a stinkin’ pair of biker shorts with lace trim. It seemed so simple!

I seriously can't believe I found this pic online. Circa 1989

I seriously can’t believe I found this pic.Madonna circa 1988

Dressing fashionably was fun and important to me. I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember. Digging through my mother’s closet, going to rummage sales and vintage shops were favorite past times. Reminiscence? Alice’s Underground? Does anyone remember these gems of NYC?  It’s much easier to be trendy and current these days. After years of shopping all over the world and saving about 75% of what I’ve accumulated (I was just wearing a silk scarf today that I bought in high school!) I now pretty much live my life in jeans.  Granted,  jeans have come along way since I was a kid.  Madewell just launched a brand new denim collection and Levi’s has been advertising their liquid jean technology, which kind of makes me chuckle. I imagine all of these jean scientists hard at work discussing all of the important factors that go into creating these “technologically advanced”  jeans.

I started wearing  jeans in college. My first pairs were Levi’s. I then shifted to Gap for a little while before I gave up on jeans altogether for several years. I did the designer jeans thing both CoH and Joe’s jeans for a little while and lately I’ve just been wearing Old Navy.  But this year I’ve come to terms with the fact that Jeans are my new uniform.

You all know these are not my legs, right? I just like the styling with the pumps.

You all know these are not my legs, right?

Madewell’s new denim launch couldn’t have come at a better time…for them. Not only did they suck me in with the new jeans, I actually kind of dig Madewell the brand now. I have always found that skinny jeans in particular lean towards horribly unflattering but I tried their Skinny Skinny’s on and bought them in two colors.  Mind you,  I worked in the fashion industry for years and I am a nightmare customer.  I am indecisive and impossible to sell to.  I put these bad boys on and sold them to myself and on top of it I paid retail, something I almost never do.  I also got a pair of their rail straight jeans and a pair of the skinny skinny cords in olive which are super comfortable. So now that I’ve plugged the heck out of Madewell …

From a sixth grader dreaming of owning a Chanel suit, to a teen and twenty-something dressed to the nines no matter the occasion, I have morphed into a jean-wearing mom.  That sounds terrible!  I assure you it’s not. I have never felt so cozy, chic, and at ease with loving fashion, appreciating the artistry of design and still dressing to the nines when there’s an occasion. But , for everyday I embrace the comfort of cozy chic. Being stylish and comfortable are not mutually exclusive. I still have the black lace trimmed biker shorts that I found at Selfridge’s in Scotland the summer after I saw that picture but I’m keeping them packed away for one of my daughters who may just be looking for such a thing 10 or 15 years from now.

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