Feeling Fall

No.6 wedge heel clog boot.

No.6 wedge heel clog boot.

I’ve always loved Fall. It feels like a time for renewal. In my adolescence returning to school each year filled me with a sense of new possibilities. it felt like a time to transform, experiment, change and grow. As an adult and mother I continue to feel that inward shift forward tempered with feelings of comfort as the cooler temperatures return. Warm hearty soups and stews are on my culinary radar, blankets return to the beds and I can hear the crunch of leaves beneath my feet as I walk to the park with my girls. I also happen to adore fall fashion. It is by far my favorite time to explore trends, covet and acquire. My jeans, boots and sweaters all come out of hiding and my scarf collection takes a more prominent place in the front closet. Here’s my latest boot purchase. Surprisingly, I have never owned a pair of boots in this beautiful color before. This is also the first pair of wedge heel clogs that I’ve purchased. I love No.6 boots and I’m sure these will be in high rotation over the next few months.

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